Free SuperCar When You Buy Luxury Yacht

This certainly is not a sailing blog, but when i heard of the free car that you get when you buy the new Strand Craft SC122 yacht i couldn’t help be write a quick blog post about it.

The Luxury yacht in question is the new Strand Craft SC122 and come in at a whopping £17m. “at that price they should give you a free car” I hear you cry, but its no normal car. The Sc122 comes with a bespoke 234mph supercar that features a twin turbo V12 engine that pumps out a huge 880bhp. With the ability to hit 60 in just 3.2 seconds the free accessory that you get with the SC122 sounds like it can rival most of the other supercars on the market today.

The car is Designed by Eduard Gray and doesn’t even have a name yet. The supercar will spend most of its time in the custom garage below deck while its owner enjoys the supreme luxury of the yacht.

The SC122 is as you would expect from a £17m yacht in that it has everything you could ever need. The power of the yacht is massive compared to the nameless super stored in its belly, with two Twin Rolls-Royce engines each pump out over 4,000bhp, and there’s an optional 5,000bhp booster if the standard amount just won’t do.

Here are some images of both the car and the yacht.